Everything about flavoured lubricants and oils

- That contains by pounds in excess of fifty% of alumina or of a mix or compound of alumina and of silica

Knitted or crocheted pile fabrics (excl. 'lengthy pile' fabrics and looped pile fabrics) of textile components nes

Unbleached or bleached woven fabrics, containing fewer than eighty five% by pounds of polyester staple fibres, mixed predominantly or entirely with cotton, plain weave, of the fat exc one hundred seventy gsm

Flat-rolled solutions of iron or non-alloy metal, plated or coated with chromium oxides or with chromium and chromium oxides, of the width of 600 mm or more

Woven fabrics (excl. unbleached or bleached), containing eighty five% or maybe more by weight of polyester staple fibres

Woven labels, badges and related articles or blog posts of textile components, from the piece, in strips or Slash to shape or dimensions, not embroidered

Extracts, essences and concentrates, of tea or mate, and preparations with a basis of those extracts, essences or concentrates that has a basis of tea or mate

Parings and other waste of leather or of composition leather-based, not well suited for the manufacture of leather-based content articles; leather-based dust, powder and flour

Copying or transfer paper (excl. carbon or related copying papers & self copy paper) in rolls of a width exc 36cm or in rectangular (incl. sq.) sheets with at the very least one side exc 36cm & one other side exc 15cm when unfolded

Clasps, buckles along with the like of foundation metal, utilized for clothing, handbags or other built up posts nes; beads and spangles of base steel; elements for these content

Kraft paper & p/board nes, coated with organic substances, bleached uniformly with the mass, > 95% by fat of complete fibre material is made up of Wooden fibres received by this link a chemical system, weighing a hundred and fifty g/m2 or significantly less, in rolls or sheets

Crude cotton-seed oil, whether gossypol has become removed, if refined but not chemically modified

Yarn of wool or of good animal hair, made up of 85% or even more by pounds of wool or good animal hair, place up for retail sale

Sterile surgical or dental adhesion barriers, of knitted or crocheted fabrics of the width =5% of elastomeric yarn or rubber thread (excl. pile fabrics together with knitted or crocheted extended-pile or terry fabrics)

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